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Freewheel Bike is excited to help you on your cycling journey! That's why we support NICA and the new Minnesota Cycling Association with our new bike discount program! Freewheel Bike now offers a 25% discount* on select new bikes for NICA and MCA licensed riders and coaches.

Program Details

This discount program is a joint venture with Freewheel Bike providing 60% of the discount, and our partner Trek Bikes, providing 40%. Previously this program was only available on special-order Trek bikes. Recently, order times on many bikes have grown to over a year, so we've extended the eligibility on this discount to most in-stock Trek mountain bikes! All Marlin, X-Caliber, Roscoe, Procaliber, Supercaliber, Top Fuel, and Fuel EX models are eligible**

In-Stock Bikes Eligible for Discount

$4,499.99 - $4,699.99
$2,999.99 - $3,499.99
$5,999.99 - $7,399.99
$3,529.99 - $3,629.99
$6,249.99 - $6,749.99
$1,499.99 - $1,649.99
$1,599.99 - $1,699.99

Special Order Bikes

This entire list of Trek Mountain Bikes is also eligible to purchase at the 25% discount* through our backorder program.
A deposit of 20% is required to place a bike on backorder. With such long lead times on these special-ordered bikes, parts specifications, colors, and even frame designs will likely change before your discounted bike arrives. Additionally, recent history has seen prices rise significantly before delivery. Freewheel Bike and Trek cannot guarantee the price will not change before your order fills, but you will still receive your 25% discount off of the MSRP at the time of delivery.

The project one customer versions of these bikes are not included.

You may cancel your special-order and receive a full refund of your deposit at any time.

Exclusive Freewheel Benefits

All NICA and MCA bikes purchased through Freewheel are entitled to Freewheel Bike's New Bike Benefits package, including professional assembly and free service for one full year! On top of that, Freewheel extends our New Bike Day discount of 15% off all parts and accessories from all in-store brands. 

Our goal in offering these benefits is to get you everything you need for your new bike-centered life. Car racks, helmets, shoes, apparel, and GPS units are all eligible for this discount with your new bike!

Let's Get Started!

To get started on your new bike journey and claim your 25% discount, print out this form, fill in your license details and bring the form and your NICA/MCA license to your nearest Freewheel Bike location.


Try your hand at racing on our beginner friendly race nights at Buck Hill! All racers under 18 years of age race for only $1* when you register before the race. See our Buck Hill Race info page for full details.

To learn more about the Minnesota Cycling Association visit their website.

*Discount taken off of current MSRP. 

**See form for exact details on model eligibility.