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MN E-Bike Rebate Details


The State of Minnesota passed an e-bike rebate bill!
Like any occasion where money is available for free, actually getting the rebate will be a little complicated.* 

This page is designed to help you better understand some highlights of the program. The information below is our best understanding of this program as of April 2024. Before deciding to pursue or abandon the rebate process yourself, please reference the official MN state resources.

*That's Minnesota speak for tricky as heck!

Freewheel Bike is committed to taking every action to support and participate in the Minnesota e-bike rebate program when it opens in July 2024. We're proud our state is leading the way in making the e-bike a more attainable form of transportation.

Below are some highlights and answers to questions we've received regularly since the announcement of the rebate.

E-Bike Rebate Highlights 

When does the MN e-bike rebate program start?  
The program is set to open in July of 2024. The first rebate certificates for approved individuals begin issuing on July 1, 2024.

How do I apply?  
Online e-bike rebate application opens 11 AM, June 5. A simple online form requiring income declaration and verification of ID.

What are my chances of getting the rebate?  
Based on the published budget, 1,333 vouchers for the maximum rebate amount could be issued in 2024.**  For context, Minnesotans purchased an estimated 20,000 e-bikes in 2023.

Will I qualify for an e-bike rebate in the Minnesota program?

Individual income must not exceed $25,000 / year to qualify for the maximum rebate.
The program reserves 40 percent of funding for people earning less than $41,000 per individual.
Higher earners may still be eligible at lower rebate levels.

Is the MN e-bike rebate retroactive?  
No, but we hope that will change. As of this writing, the rebate will only be available to e-bikes purchased after an individual is approved for a rebate by the state of Minnesota. As of today, no individual has been approved, and no path to approval has been published. Application process scheduled to open June 2024. Approvals will not be issued until July 2024.

How will the e-bike rebate process work?

Individuals will apply for a rebate certificate through the online rebate portal. (MN e-bike rebate application link yet to be published.)
Certificates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
Approved individuals will receive the rebate certificate by email.
E-bike rebate certificates will be valid for two months for redemption at an approved retailer.
Only approved retailers can accept rebate certificates.
Applicant must present matching proof of identification up redemption.
Retailers will apply the discount amount listed on the rebate certificate at the time of purchase.
Sales tax must be paid on the full retail price of the e-bike. (Not the price after rebate.)
Individuals who use the rebate on qualifying purchases will receive Form 1099-MISC for the value of their rebate. Use this form when filing your tax year 2024 income tax return.
Retailers must ask for proof of identification to verify the certificate is being redeemed by the individual to which it was issued.
In the unlikely event the entire e-bike rebate budget is not used up in the first round, a second-round application process may open ten weeks after the initial round is issued.

Read the Full Bill  
Of course, there are many more details, exceptions, and rules.
The exact billing language can be found on Line 156.1 of HF 2887
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Instant Rebate Alternative

If you don't want to wait until summer is half-over. Or you don't want to gamble with your odds of qualifying. Or you don't find reading house finance bills all that exciting, we've got you covered right now. Many of our instant rebates on current stock bikes exceed the maximum rebate you'd receive if you wait until July and are lucky enough to snag one of the State's vouchers.


If today's not right for you, we'll be diligently on the lookout for news releases of the application process. We'll post updates and announcements here and on our social feeds just as soon as we have them. 

$2,662.49 - $3,099.99
$2,899.99 - $3,299.99

More Resources

Our friends at the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, who helped craft this program, have a great breakdown that can be found here: BikeMN

More details and examples of income impacts to qualification can be found in this news article: MPRNews

** 1,333 is based on every awarded applicant receiving the maximum rebate of $ 1,500.