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Freewheel Bike Freewheel Fanatics Membership
The Freewheel Fanatics membership comes with a laundry list of rewards and discounts that will make your head spin. We charge a little upfront and then reward you forever in the form of discounts, VIP treatment, and our love and adoration. You only pay once to join the club and become a member for life! The Freewheel Fanatics Ride Club is a community of riders who ride all types of bikes in all kinds of places. As a Fanatics member, you'll be invited to participate in dozens of rides year-round. From our casual Sunday Funday rides to the no-holds-barred hour Of Power Pain-Fests, we want to share in any kind of riding you like to do. The Fanatics riders are the reason we love coming to work every day. You're the reason we love hosting so many group rides. Frankly, you are and have always been crazy about bikes. That's what makes you a Fanatic like us. Our Fanatics Club benefits are designed to help keep you riding as often, as comfortably, and as safely as possible. Come ride with us!  • SAVE 10% on all parts, accessories, & apparel* • RECEIVE a monthly discount of 20% on one item* • SAVE 30% on all Freewheel Bike branded merchandise • RECEIVE Fanatics-only products and specials The Fine Print (In full-size lettering) Your one-time fee gets you a lifetime membership. Fanatics discounts cannot be combined with other promotions, sale prices, or package deals. All bicycles, exercise bikes, frames, labor, services, events, and component-kits are excluded. Other in-store restrictions may apply. Fanatics discount codes are valid for Fanatics members only. Membership benefits are not transferable. Abuse or misuse of membership benefits may result in termination of eligibility. Program details are subject to change at any time.
Freewheel Bike Gift Card
$50.00 - $100.00
Discovering the ideal gift can often prove to be challenging, which is why we provide the convenience of gift cards. Our gift cards serve as the perfect gift for both family and friends, presenting a wonderful means of expressing gratitude to someone dear. Not only do they eliminate the guesswork but they also offer flexibility in gifting. Whether you'd like the gift card delivered to your own address, directly to the intended recipient, or prefer the convenience of in-store pick-up, you can easily specify your fulfillment preferences by entering the relevant details in the checkout process. It's important to note that our gift cards are designed exclusively for in-store redemption. If you are selecting more than one gift card, we offer the option to add your preference during the checkout process. In the "Comment" section during checkout, please indicate whether you would like the entire balance to be applied to a single card or if you prefer to split it across multiple cards.
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