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Co-Motion Co-Motion Primera 700c
If you’re looking for a tandem bicycle you may already have found that it doesn’t take long to become overwhelmed by the choices you’re faced with. It’s tempting to buy a tandem bike from a big-name bike company. But you’ll find that a Co-Motion tandem will reward you many times over for just a little more. The Primera Co-Pilot is the best value-coupled tandem on the market. At Tandem Cycle Works we equate Co-Motion tandems to BMW automobiles. These companies define the word “luxury” in their respective markets. A lower-priced BMW is STILL a BMW, just like the lower-priced Primera is STILL a Co-Motion!
Co-Motion PeriScope Scout (26-inch)
The Scout tandem features our family-friendly PeriScope design with incredible value, well equipped for your next family adventure. ?Easy and quick adjustments fit the widest range of sizes of any tandem, from kids to adults. The 26" wheels with wider tires offer great stability and lower standover height for smaller riders.
Co-Motion Co-Motion BLUEBIRD
Our Bluebird tandem is made with pride in our Eugene, Oregon facility. Besides its incredibly attractive price, it’s also designed to be the friendliest Co-Motion tandem ever. We want more people to give tandem cycling a try. Ride together with your best pal, your kid or partner in crime. Real, affordable, handmade, quality. You're going to love this bike!
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