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Freewheel Bike E-Bike Repair Policy

Freewheel Bike offers a full range of comprehensive repair services on all brands of mechanical bikes. However, due to the rapid expansion of E-bike offerings, and the specific resources required to repair this technology, Freewheel can only repair bikes sold at Freewheel locations AND those technologies we are certified to repair.
Freewheel is currently certified/authorized to service the following power systems: Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, Mahle, Hyena, and Promovec. 
In addition to those listed above, Freewheel can service the mechanical components (but not the electrical systems) of Giant and Specialized E-bikes.
To ensure we deliver service at the highest level, bikes using systems other than those referenced cannot be accepted for repair in any capacity, including repairs to non-electrical components.

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