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Freewheel Events Chequamegon Finish Line Bike Valet and Overhaul
You've just pedaled your way through hours of Northwoods mountain bike madness, and your bike is in urgent need of some tender care! We're here for you! Open to all Freewheel Fanatics members, this VIP shuttle and overhaul special will get your precious rig back to the Freewheel shop of your choosing. Once there, our Golden Wrench mechanics will give your bike the thorough overhaul it needs to get it in prime shape to start next season. All of this for $150 less than the standard overhaul pricing. Turn-around on these repairs is roughly 2-3 weeks, depending on the shop you choose and parts availability. After the race, bring your bike to the Freewheel Fanatics Party tent located at the finish line and check in with our staff. They'll take your bike and all relevant details and give you an approximate pickup time. From that point, all you have to do is kick your feet up and enjoy the Freewheel lounge. DELUXE OVERHAUL Regular Price: $449.99* Recommended Interval: Every 100 hours The Deluxe Overhaul is our most thorough tune-up package for bikes that see a lot of miles or have been in extreme conditions. The Deluxe Overhaul covers everything included in the Comp Tune package, plus bearing overhaul of the hubs, headset and bottom bracket. OVERHAUL BEARINGS Overhaul hubs, headset and bottom bracket Clean and inspect bearing surfaces Install new bearings INCLUDES LABOR ON Derailleur hanger alignment Install cables and housing Install brake pads Install handlebar tape ALSO INCLUDES Hydraulic brake bleeds Pivot bearing service Adjust bearings Adjust gears Adjust brakes True wheels & tension spokes Inspection & lubrication *$3 Shop supply fee added to each Tune-up package
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