Kurt Kinetic Kinetic Road Machine Floor Models

Kurt Kinetic Kinetic Road Machine Floor Models
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These Floor Models have been used one time during a spin class event that was held at our store. All of them are near new condition, and each has been inspected for any signs of damage.

The key to its success is an oversized , 6.5" - 6.25 lb. balanced flywheel. Slightly slower in accelerating, once you get it rolling, it smoothes out the pedal stroke and maintains your momentum, just like riding in a pack or drafting in a pace line. Expect a 15 second coast down time when you stop pedaling. Thermodynamically stable fluid means your power output at a given speed is constant regardless of the temperature of the fluid. And Kurt has carefully calibrated the unit so you can accurately calculate your average power output given your average speed during a workout! Riders of all abilities love the Kinetic Road Machine. Very quiet, perfect for a quick work out while the kids are taking a nap!

Part Numbers

851061001532 701210