Cane Creek Double Barrel Air DEMO SHOCK

Cane Creek Double Barrel Air DEMO SHOCK
216 x 63 (8.5" x 2.5")
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Here is your chance to test ride the Cane Creek Double Barrel! Shockspital is a certified CCDB Service, Warranty and Demo Center--we have access to the full range of models and sizes for you to try before you buy. Contact us if you don't see the size you need listed here. Here's how the Demo Program works:

When you check out a demo shock, your credit card will be authorized for the full purchase price of the shock. This authorization will be released when we get the shock back, at which point we will charge rental fees (see below) and, in the event of any damage to the shock beyond normal wear and tear, the cost of replacement parts. If you damage the shock to the point that it is cheaper to replace rather than repair, you will be liable for the full cost of the shock. But these shocks are tough--hopefully it doesn't come to that!

We will cover the cost of shipping the shock to you, but YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RETURN SHIPPING COSTS. You may also pick up and/or return the shock in person.

$50 for the first 10 days STARTING THE DAY YOU RECEIVE THE SHOCK (we can tell this from the FedEx tracking number)

$20 late fee PER DAY for every day beyond that initial 10-day period that the shock is not back in our possession. This means that we need to have the shock in-hand on or before Day 10. If you wait too long to get it back in the mail to us, you will be subject to late fees.

If your 10-day rental period ends on a weekend or other delivery holiday, there is a grace period until the next business day (you won't be subject to the $20/day late fee for those nondelivery days).

If at the end of your rental period you purchase a new Double Barrel through us, your $50 rental fee will be applied towards that purchase, effectively giving you a DISCOUNT ON A BRAND NEW DOUBLE BARREL!

If you keep the demo shock long enough that your rental fees exceed the purchase price of the shock, you will automatically own that shock and we will simply charge the full replacement price to the credit card you provided.

Questions? Contact Shockspital at or 888-871-2711.