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When you buy a new kid's bike from our store, you can bring it back within three years and trade it in. This special kid's bike trade-in program is only available on bikes purchased at a Freewheel Bike location.

Your kid's bike trade-in is valued at up to 50% of the initial purchase price, issued as a credit toward purchasing your next bike.

Starting Trade-In Value
1-2 Years 50% of initial purchase price.
3 Years 25% of initial purchase price.
Expect some discounting due to wear and tear.
Examples of Wear Value Reductions
SKIDDED TIRES: $20 - $30
WORN BRAKE PADS: $10 - $15
RIPPED SEAT: $20 - $30
RUSTY CHAIN: $15 - $20
BENT WHEEL: $30 - $50

Find information on our Adult Bike Trade-In Program.

Trade-ins from the trade-up program that are not sold as used bikes by the end of summer are donated to your local organization.