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Freewheel Bike Fat Thursday Cyclocrit

Freewheel Bike Fat Thursday Cyclocrit
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FAT THURSDAY CYCLOCRITS ARE BACK!!! The fastest, thigh burning-est, big smiling-est, most ridiculously fun weeknight race series has returned.

Every Thursday evening starting Thursday, January 23rd to March 5th, line up with 30 of your soon-to-be-closest friends and speed past your Netflix- and Hulu-addicted pals.

There's no better way to ramp up for spring than rubbing elbows and coughing up a little icy phlegm. And nothing's more satisfying than crossing the finish line with a frozen perma-grin that lasts till Friday night.

Once again, Lord Fletcher's Old Lake Lodge will generously host and Surly Brewing Company will provide beer discounts and appropriately surly schwag.

Big prizes every night for both men's and women's podiums, as well as sweet schwag for the losers — we love you most of all.

$10 pre-reg
$15 day-of
NO CHARGE to watch, heckle and join the party.
All are welcome!

Registration @ 6 p.m., race starts @ 6:30 p.m.
This is an approximately 30-minute race, run crit-style by timing the first two laps and calculating total laps from there.

Our course features land laps that also run across the bay, with the option to launch or roll-off Lord Fletcher's docks. Studded tires are a good idea — a very good idea.

Lights — or buy some from #FreewheelBike Mobile on-site! A helmet! Your fat bike (3.8 inch tires or wider)! A thirst for beer, a hunger for wings, and a good excuse for the bruises you'll have the next morning.

Once purchased, your bib number will be available for pickup at Lord Fletcher's the night of the race!


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