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Freewheel Events VIP Overhaul & Shuttle
Fanatics Only VIP Overhaul And Bike Shuttle Cheq 40 edition. Leave your bike with us at the Freewheel Bike after-party and we'll return it to the Freewheel location of your choosing, complete with our comprehensive overhaul. This special offer is limited to the first 35 fanatics to take advantage of it and only available to those who drop their bikes with us at the Chequamegon finish line. Comprehensive Overhaul Details (Regular Price $240) Overhaul Bearings; hubs, headset (using loose bearings without retainers), bottom bracket. Adjust pedal bearings. All bearings adjusted to be as loose as possible with no play when off the bike. Adjust Gears; adjust derailleur set screws and cable tension and/or internally geared hubs. Install new cables and housing. Adjust Brakes; secure, inspect and lubricate levers (additional charges to install a new lever). Secure, inspect and adjust caliper. Adjust caliper pivots (when possible). Adjust pad alignment, centering and clearance. Bleed hydraulics. True Wheels and Adjust Spoke Tension; wheels trued to .5mm tolerance, spoke tension measured and adjusted as needed. Remove, Clean, Lubricate and ReinstallDrivetrain; cassette/freewheel, crankset (both arms), both derailluers and chain. Thorough Inspection and External Lubrication; clean and polish frame and fork, check torque on all bolts, lubricate cables, lubricate brake lever pivots, inflate tires to maximum recommended pressure unless otherwise instructed by customer. Make sure accessories are installed correctly and operating properly. Test Ride; check for slipping under load, brake power, shift performance, tracking issues, and unusual noises. Second Person Quality Control Inspection; fill out checklist and provide to customer. No Additional Labor Charges To; install new drivetrain components, cables and housing, grips or bar tape, brake pads, tire or tube, align derailleur hanger. Does Not Include; installation of spoke(s), removal of seized parts, suspension work or accessory installation.
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