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Orbea Rise M20 Pre-Order
THIS IS CURRENTLY A PRE-ORDER ITEM. YOUR PURCHASE IS A DOWN PAYMENT ON THE FINAL PRICE OF $6999.99 WHEN THE BIKE ARRIVES. Rise is a machine designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment. Rise brings you nearer the sensation that less “e” delivers more “bike”. Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise beyond expectations and discover the new standard in MTB. Rise is intended for big rides. 8 hours and over 4,000m of climbing in Eco mode. Rise features a modular battery solution that provides up to 612wh, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender. The RS Motor, Battery and Electronics are lighter than other eBike systems by over half. Rise can weigh as little as 16,5 kg or 36,3lbs. The beauty of the RS system is that assistance torque and power are provided within a range where normal, high-quality trail bike components can be used.
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