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Technical Training

Within our professional community there are very few places where a person can make a career out of working on bikes, Freewheel Bike is one of those places. 

Because we pay a livable wage and uphold the highest standards, we attract the most dedicated service people in the industry, people who love working on bikes and have invested in their own training in preparation for their time at Freewheel.  Once a qualified mechanic is brought on board we constantly push their knowledge forward with biweekly training sessions. We have built such a strong reputation in our industry, bike and component manufacturers come to our store to provide annual technical demonstrations.  With select companies, we send our mechanics to their manufacturing facilities to get the most in-depth knowledge of not only the mechanical aspects of the equipment, but also the manufacturing process and what parts go through before they come to us.

Nearly ever member of our staff has the qualifications and experience to lead a service department of their own.
Below is a list of trainings and certifications attained by our mechanics:

SRAM Technical University
USCF race mechanics license
Trek University
Shimano SLD Mechanics Summit
Bicycle Standards of Excellence Cert. 1 and 2
Shimano Wheel Building Certified
Rolf Wheel Building Certified
Extreme Skills Suspension Clinic
Park Tool Frame Preparation Clinic
Barnett’s Bicycle Institute’s Elite Technician Program
Bill Woodul Race Mechanics clinic
Park Tool Tech Summit


In addition to the above education, our mechanics exchange knowledge on a biweekly basis at our mechanic training sessions.
Each of our mechanics has undergone training on the following:

Every hydraulic brake system used today
A wide variety of suspension technology from every suspension manufacturer
All current mechanical and electronic shifting systems,
Frame preparation and specification
Wheel building and spoke tensioning