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Due to COVID-19 precautions and limited staffing, 

All courses are suspended until further notice

Freewheel Bike Courses

Bikes are a path to freedom and we want every cyclist to feel comfortable working on their own bike so you can focus on enjoying your ride in confidence. Let us help you learn how to work on your own bike.

Bike Basics Seminar

Our Bike Basics Seminar will go over all the essentials you need for a happy bike life! We'll demonstrate how to remove your wheels, fix a flat, lube your chain, and how to shift. We'll even discuss tips on what to wear and what to bring along to make your ride more comfortable. This is the perfect place to ask our experts any questions you might have about Bike Basics!

Essential Bike Field Maintenance

The Bike Field Maintenance course is especially perfect for mountain bike riders, daily commuters, or anyone doing long road tours. We will show you how to do a pre-ride check to make sure your bike is ready for action. We’ll discuss air pressure for a variety of situations and help you diagnose problems with your brakes, chain, bearings, and other wear items. You’ll learn how to change a flat, maintain tubeless tires, assemble a field kit, and install accessories. We will also show you basic tool use and how to clean your bike. This is a hands-on course so be sure to bring your bike with you!

Custom Wheel Building

The Custom Wheel Building course will teach you the art of lacing, tensioning, and truing a wheel properly. Instruction will cover the critical points of planning your new wheel, measuring rims, spokes and hubs, and determining the best component combinations to create the perfect wheel for you.

Mechanics 101: The Tune Up

The Bike Mechanics 101 course will get you started with a basic tune-up. You’ll learn how to adjust your gears, derailleur, brakes, and bearings. You’ll get to true your wheels and tension your spoke. We will show you how to inspect your frame for cracks or damage, check the torque on all your bolts, and make sure your bike is well lubed. This is a hands-on course so be sure to bring your bike with you!

Mechanics 102: Drivetrain Overhaul

The Bike Mechanics 102: Drivetrain Overhaul course will show you how to remove and clean your entire drivetrain, including the cassette/freewheel, crank set, chain, and derailleur(s). You will learn how to install new drivetrain components, cables/housing, pedals, and grips or bar tape. This is a hands-on course so be sure to bring your bike with you!

Mechanics 103: Bearing Overhaul

Maintaining your bearings is probably the best way to ensure that your bike is operating as efficiently as possible as well as prevent some of the most costly repairs. In this class we will provide all the tools AND parts needed, no need to bring your own bike. 

We will cover cup-and-cone-hub overhaul, cartridge-bearing-hub bearing service, cartridge-bearing-hub bearing replacement, cup-and-cone-headset overhaul, threaded-bottom-bracket bearing replacement and press-fit-bottom-bracket bearing replacement.

Private Lessons

Our Freewheel Educators are ready to teach you anything you want to know about bike maintenance on an individual level. Let us know what you'd like to work on! This is a hands-on course so be sure to bring your bike with you!