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Due to COVID-19 precautions and limited staffing, all fitting studios are closed. 

We can still accommodate fitting and sizing consultations at all locations. These consultations will consist of an in-depth discussion about your riding needs and your concerns about your current position. From there, we'll have you ride your bike while we observe your positioning in action. Finally, once we've seen you ride, we'll offer suggestions to improve your fit or establish your sizing. This consultation process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Occasionally, these consultations will determine that we need to modify or install parts on your bike. Our skilled service department completes this modification process and will require either a future appointment or for your bike to stay with our shop while they complete the work.

Today, tools are an everyday part of our lives. Technology, in many ways, helps guide us as we navigate our daily routine. No longer do you solely rely on the calendar on your wall, and post-it notes are a thing of the past. These are very basic examples of life becoming easier. Why not apply this to the joy of riding a bicycle?

With Trek's Precision Fit, technology is our aid in the hands of our master fit technicians. During our thorough interview process, conducted in a comfortable and relaxed setting, we examine your past, present, and future cycling experience. Taking into account that every person's physiology is different, we assess your flexibility and range of motion to help make your riding experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Fundamental Fit

Precision Fit

Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis

Shoe sizingYesYesYes
Cleat placementYesYesYes
Saddle positionYesYesYes
Handlebar width YesYesYes
Handlebar positionYes YesYes
Insole placement YesYesYes
Saddle selectionYesYesYes
Saddle heightYesYesYes
Saddle fore/aft position YesYesYes
Stem length & positionYesYesYes
Precision Fit size cycle-YesYes
Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis--Yes
Saddle Pressure Analysis--Yes