What do rentals include?
All rentals include a helmet. Locks are an additional $5. Rack bags, flat kits, and lights are available by request.

Should I bring my own clipless pedals?
It's always a good idea, however we have a small selection of SPD, SPD-SL, and Look Keo pedals available.

Should I rent a road or a hybrid bike?
A road bike will be faster but put you in a more aggressive position. A hybrid will carry more on the rack and is more upright and versatile around the city.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations must be made 3 days before the rental date for a full refund.

How does payment work?
When you book the rental your card will be be charged for the rental amount and your card info saved in case you don't return with the bike. Sorry, credit cards only, no cash or debit.

Where should I ride?
We are right on the Greenway bike path which connects to hundreds of miles of trail. A popular 20 mile loop connects the lakes, Minnehaha Falls, and the river all on bike paths.

Where should I park my car?
We are on the Greenway bike path near Lake St and Chicago. the bike path is below street level so we suggest parking on 10th or 11th Aves (2 hour parking) or 13th Ave a block or so north of Lake St and walking down the bike path to the Greenway. You can also park in the Midtown Global Market's parking ramp although we do not validate parking.

How much does a rental cost?
Hybrids: 15/hour, 35/day, 190/week
Road bikes: 25/hour, 60/day, 300/week
Tandem: 30/hour, 80/day, 350/week
Cargo trailer: 30/hour, 80/day, 350/week
kids trailer: 10/hour, 25/day, 130/week

How long can I have the bike?
As long as no one else needs it, as long as you want! You can rent the bike by the hour, if you are riding more than 2 hours we suggest the day rate. The day rate goes up to 24 hours, we just ask that you tell us before hand when you are bringing the bike back in case someone else wants to rent it.